Saturday, 13 June 2009

The Diary of a Teddy Bear


Oliver is a fifteen inch high Merrythought teddy bear with lots of attitude. He lives in deepest Essex with Sue, who is a writer, and family. Here in this blog he shares his thoughts, his adventures and his rather odd take on life.

Oliver is a well-dressed bear, with clothes for all occasions. He favours casual wear, but can look smart when he needs to.

My name is Oliver and I am a special bear. I have been given my own blog so I can tell people what I do and where I go. However, teddy bears can’t write very well, because their paws are full of fluff and get caught in the computer, so I am having to write this slowly. Please read it slowly so that you don’t get too far ahead of me. Otherwise you will be reading a blank page.

Bears have their own special spelling, and we don’t do those dot things which you call ‘punctuation’, so Sue is correcting it all for me as I write, because she thinks you’ll find it hard to read if she just puts it up in bear writing. Here is a bit of bear writing for you to see, though. All my teddy friends can read it and they write just the same, but I will let Sue ‘translate’ the rest of my blog.

‘Helo mi nayme is oliverrrrrrrrr sori I got mi por cort in the kei bord an I am a speshul baer I hav bin givun mi oune blogg so I can tel peepel wot I do an ware i goe’
See, it’s not really difficult to read, is it? Anyway, now I will tell you about myself, cos I think that’s what blogs are meant to do.

Sue has lots of bears, but I am the most special of all, and I am important because I go on holiday with her, and I go visiting. My best friends in our ‘hug’ are my gang - Cheddar, Macaroon and Punk. We have just been joined by Toastie, who is Macaroon’s long lost twin brother, who Sue found forgotten in a carrier bag in the spare room.

Punk is very cheeky, and he wasn’t meant to be in my gang but he kind of latched on. Cheddar looks sad, but he is really very funny, always telling jokes. He finds it useful to look sad, ‘cos Sue feels sorry for him and gives him extra biscuits. Macaroon and Toastie both growl a lot, but they are friendly, and very happy since they found each other again. We have adventures and stuff, and when Sue sees us whispering together, she always says that ‘trouble is bruin’ (which is a joke).

There are also two Togglitt bears, Mothball and Tyla, who try to see what we are up to, and sometimes we let them join us, but they are a bit shy, and also very inquisitive. We keep having to pull them out of jugs and drawers and things. Mothball likes to pretend he is a hippie, and so Sue made him a hippie waistcoat, but Tyla hasn’t decided whether he wants to be a hippie yet. He has taken to wearing a red bell off a Lindt chocolate rabbit, so is trying out the look but without the beads and fringed clothes.

I also have a bear friend called MK. MK lives quite a long way from me, so we don’t meet up much, but we are paw pals, and write emails to each other in bear spelling. I have another email friend too, her name is Dora and she is a doll who lives in Wales. Sue has lots of dolls, as well, but most of them giggle a lot and chatter all the time, which annoys me and the gang. My best dolly friend at home is Lulu; she is a very cheeky doll, and is an honorary gang member.

When I am not on my travels, or having adventures, me and my friends sometimes act out plays and put on concerts. Not long ago we had a show and I was a conjurer. I tried to make a rabbit come out of a hat; it didn’t work quite right, but everyone clapped anyway. And then I dressed up as Elvis Presley and sang ‘I Just Want To Be Your Teddy Bear’ and ‘Blue Suede Paws’. Once, we did a ballet. I was a soldier and Grace, one of the big (very, very big) girl bears was Sugar Plum Fairy. I will put pictures up on my blog of our shows, so you can see them. We’ve also acted out a pantomime - it was Jack and the Beanstalk. I was Jack and had to climb up and up and up till I found the giant, but it was really Mr Chad, the biggest bear in our hug, pretending to be fierce.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blogs and seeing the pictures of my adventures. Now my paws ache with all the typing, so while Sue does things to my spelling so you can read it properly, I will sneak into the kitchen and pinch some chocolate biscuits from the tin with the chickens on the lid. And I might have a honey and marmite sandwich as well.

Bear hugs


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