Saturday, 30 November 2013

                 JACK AND THE BEARSTALK
                    by Susan Brewer

                  Oliver and his friends decide to put on their very own pantomine!
Once there was a bear called Jack
Who was really rather lazy.
He spent his days upon his back
And drove his mother crazy.
'Go to the market, said his mum
I have to have some money.
I can hear your rumbly tum
We must buy bread and honey.'
'Take the cow and sell her                                                           
Or there won't be any dinner.
Swap her for some shiny gold
Before you grow much thinner.'
Jack was sad, he liked the cow
But Daisy felt quite joyful.
With some luck and know how
She might meet a boy bull.

Jack wandered down the grassy lanes                                        
With his mum's cow to sell
He stopped to watch the puffer trains
His pals were by the well.
'My cow Daisy is for sale,
She's going cheap to you.'
Cheeky pulled poor Daisy's tail,
And laughed, 'Most cows go moo!'

'I'll buy your cow' a trader said.                                                 
He was a cunning fellow.
'I'll pay you jelly bears, two red,
three green, one black, one yellow.'
Jack wondered what his mum would say.
He knew what he'd been told.
'The bears are magic, within a day
You'll have pots of gold.'
'You stupid ted!' mum cried in shock,                                            
And threw them in the air.
'I'll have to find some goods to hock!'
But Jack could only stare,
Because the bears began to sprout.
Soon the stalks were high.
He peered up, there was no doubt -
They reached right to the sky.
'I'll climb the bearstalk,' said our Jack.                                        
'Gold must be at the top.
I hope that I'll get safely back,
Because it's such a drop.'
Up he climbed, this brave young ted,
Until his paws were sore.
He spotted an enormous head
And heard an angry roar.
'Fee Fi Fo Fare                                                                           
I smell the fur of a teddy bear.
Be him staid or be him funny
I`ll grind his stuffing to make my honey.'
Our Jack declared, 'That's very odd!'                                            
Though fear had made him blink.
'He really is a gigantic bod
And his rhyme is out of sync.'
Soon Jack saw the giant's gold
Underneath his honey store.
He grabbed it, feeling very bold.
'We'll be rich for ever more!' 
Down he scrambled with the sacks                                                
Till he could let them drop.
'Quick, mum, get the biggest axe.'
They both began to chop.
And as the bearstalk tumbled down,
And landed with a crash,
Jack told his mum, 'Please don't frown.
I've brought you heaps of cash.'
So Jack became a hero                                                               
With bears both near and far.
His credit zoomed from zero
He was a superstar.
It could have been quite tragic.
That giant was a rotter.
To his friends, though, Jack was magic,
And they called him Beary Potter.
Jack                 -       Oliver
Mother             -        Cosy
Giant                -        Mr Chad
Trader               -       BlueBell
Daisy                 -      Mustapha (Under protest)
Cheeky             -       Cheeky
Friend               -       Cheddar
Friend                -      Meredith

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  1. What a great show! You all performed splendidly!